Murphy 1388

This is the list we built for our stream tonight (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCfeAKrxJaQ).

We won 3 or so games with this on the stream which is alarming as we usually are lucky to win 1 game with our jank.

Bellamy is super hot here. Stack up ice on a remote and score out with Bellamy, Prisecs, and Lynn. Good stuff.

28 Jun 2017 stoppableforce

I'm worried, this almost looks like a real deck.

28 Jun 2017 Murphy

@stoppableforce It surprised us! Bellamy is really strong here. And you have a good rush plan against Shapers trying to tech against you.

28 Jun 2017 spags

Value scorch.

28 Jun 2017 Murphy

@spags BSR means Value Scorch is credit neutral. The game gives you 3 clicks for free. True value.

29 Jun 2017 moistloaf

Damn what the hell. Also you should stream on twitch instead !

29 Jun 2017 bluebird503

Bellamy looks awesome here :D

29 Jun 2017 spags

BTW, I just discovered and thus binged SSF this week.

Raw goddamn magic.

Keep up the great work, and expect me at the next CTZ tryouts.

29 Jun 2017 Murphy

@moistloaf We do stream on Twitch: www.twitch.tv I post the recordings to YouTube because history must remember our sick plays.

People suggested Recruiting Trip as a way to save inf on the second Bellamy. That idea has potential but you are eating into deck slots for more inf. Worth trying at least!