Herbarts Hasty CI 1.3 (3rd Place at Regional Göttingen, 1st

Klopstock 577

For Mark <3

This is the deck that took me to third place at the Regional in Göttingen, making the first place in Swiss - and my first Top 8 Cut participation (my Runner can be found here. It went 4-0 in Swiss and 1-1 in the Cut. It is my newest take on Hasty CI. After playing really badly the week before with Moon CI, I decided the morning of the Regional, I should go back to Hasty. Yes, Hasty is a couple of turns slower than Moon CI, but has some other advantages over it.

  • I am more familiar with it.

    I played Hasty for months before the Tournament, and although I have my fair share of Moon CI-games, it does not come close to the amount I played Hasty.

  • It is simpler

    The combos in Hasty are far less convoluted, which makes it harder to screw them up like I did the week before.

  • It is more resilient

    Moon CI plays around 10 more cards which are trashable, which makes your HQ and R&D significantly more vulnerable. In Hasty, there are 12 cards (Agendas and VLCs) that are gone after an access, everything else stays. This makes the random accesses you have to allow less painful, in two ways: Firstly, it keeps your Agendas hidden better and secondly, the Runner can't trash your important combo pieces. Also, it plays one more Ice, and beefier Ice in general, that can really tax a Runner (well, good in relation to the duration of the games).

  • It is less tight on slots and influence

    Playing Moon CI, I had a couple of cards I wanted to include, and no idea what to cut for it. The deck is incredibly tight on everything, since you need so many combo pieces and 14 points of influence are fixed. This deck has much more wiggle room, to include things like triple Targeted Marketing, the Ark Lockdown, more Recursion and even some basic economy like Hedge Fund (which in turn pays for the aforementioned beefier ICE).

The Swiss went really smoothly, I beat Good Stuff Andromeda, Rubicon Los, Siphon Whizzard (which admittedly gets a lot easier when there are no Breakers in the first 20 to 25 cards of his deck) and Rosetta-Andysucker. In the Cut, I played a Smoke which I handily beat and then Rosetta-Andy again. In hindsight, the matchup might not be as good as I thought before, but it is 50-50 at least, maybe with slight advantage for CI, but I was horribly flooded, after a great second turn of double Clearance could not find any more of those and did not get enough ICE to stop my opponent from hammering my HQ time and time again. Well played by Jackmade there and the just Karma for my win against Siphon Whizz, I guess.

I was a little lucky to avoid Clot lock Shapers on the day, but I feel those are on the decline anyways and (at least around here) most Shapers play Desperado/Temüjin-Smoke. Siphon Whizzard might not be a great matchup, but triple Targeted Marketing with double Archived Memories and triple Reclamation Order to back them up make it manageable. And Runners without any problem cards are really easy to beat, since you just outpace them and leave them in the dust.