Argus has evolved (7-3 at German nats)

MrBuggles 591

3-1 at the team tournament and 4-2 at the main event (I had a bye, and my 2-4-1 was a runner game).

Not too much to say here - it’s the Argus kill deck in Earth Station.

Obvious changes are 3 Prisec > 3 Crisium.

More IPO than Too Big To Fail because you’re more reliant on ice to tax them on credits than Argus is, so too much BP seems like a bad idea.

The only interesting change is 3 Data Raven > 2 Gold Farmer and an extra Afshar.

3 Afshar seems obvious in a deck that really wants HQ to be taxing. I tried Winchester just to have another sentry that wasn’t Archer, but there were too many times where it did nothing, and it’s really not that great once you’ve scored a hostile.

The logic behind swapping Ravens to Gold Farmers was that, unlike Argus, you aren’t trying to click compress them by making tags stick, and with no Prisec or Argus ability I thought it would be too easy for Runners to just run through them and remove the tags afterwards. This seemed to be a good swap based on the limited testing I did, and most of the time it felt nice. In all the games I lost though, Runners were so rich that the Gold Farmer tax didn’t matter, and maybe Data Raven would have given me an out.

For example, I played against Pinsel’s Earth Station deck in the team tournament, and he stuck a Data Raven on HQ, which was extremely annoying in combination with Crisium, because it effectively means you can’t contest the remote by first running HQ, unless you are happy to float a tag (or have more than 4 clicks).

All in all, the deck is really fun to play, but I can’t tell whether it’s “better” than Argus. I do think it’s better against Shapers, because against Argus they can just run the remote, take all the tags in the world, and remove them all with Misdirection as long as they have clicks to spare.

Many thanks to everyone involved in organising the whole weekend, you should be really proud of yourselves!

13 Jan 2020 presheaf

Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't Gold Farmer about as good as Eli here? It's slightly better in general, but probably not worth paying 4 extra inf for.

13 Jan 2020 MrBuggles

The thought didn’t even occur to me! Not sure what to use the spare inf for except adding back data ravens though, and then you have to cut some other ice for the Elis. Maybe the hortum and an archer

13 Jan 2020 Saan

Gotta say, I think I like this list better than the one I ended up playing. Wall to Wall was fine, but I really missed having NGOs. Also, Slot Machine is cool and taxing and all, but people can just walk through it, and sometimes that's not an okay thing. I like the Gold Farmer, but I really do like the Data Raven thing you mentioned (and the Eli potential).

Also, screw Transport Monopoly. Oaktown, I shall never leave you again --except occasionally for Armed Intimidation. But never other than that, I pinky swear.

13 Jan 2020 MrBuggles

I really wanted to fit Wall to Wall too, but I just couldn’t. It sits in the Rashida slot, and nowhere else really. NGO is important if you make the cut with open decklists, otherwise they know for certain that you’ve advanced an agenda. And I agree 100% on slot machine, I originally had it in the deck but took it out for exactly the reasons you gave, as well as the fact that if you end up with 2 bad pub, they often only get taxed for 1 credit.

It’s definitely worth testing -2 Gold Farmer, -1 Archer, -1 Hortum, +2 Data Raven, +2 Eli.

Or just -2 Gold Farmer, -1 Archer, + 3 Data Raven.