Isn't 419 better? 5th Aldershot SC

Cliquil 1163

Well... maybe

Well... probably

Well... Sure

But I think Nero is actually deceptively good in the current meta.


You have 2 strong factions in Weyland and Jinteki that are using the threat of sentries as a a deterrent.

The most prominent in Weyland is Archer and having the confidence to run at Weyland convinced you aren't going deal with an Archer rig wipe is surprisingly significant. It also allows for bouncing off a big Surveyor if you aren't in a condition to deal with it without taking the 2 tags; not to be undersold.

Looking over at Jinteki one of the key early cards for them can be Cortex Lock. Even the decks without it have it looming over you scarily as a potential problem for criminals. There are plenty of MTIs out there that hold the treat of early Brainstorm as a reason to not run so aggressively; or at least enough of them to make early aggression nerve wracking. Nero is there to help with all of that.

After you know you're on an aggressive "please feel free to rez this ice plan" the rest of the deck build a little like old crim; new siphons, emergency shut downs, crowdfunding, paragon, turtle etc.

The Acacia was a bad call and probably should have been just a good crim card; but it was so pretty with its one influence.

You do have to spend your time thinking about ice that is a problem for you whilst not being a sentry of course (and of course Ananzi) so you have to be willing to take some faceplants on occasion. DNA tracker can be bad, of course - but crucially not game ending. The main important thing is to not lose a breaker; that's really an amateur move.

Anyway Game 1 at Aldershot I lost a breaker. I lost corroder to an Envelope. I feel fine with losing that game after that.

Game 2 I beat a Titan; it was a tight game and I had to dig hard with Turning Wheel to steal the Atlas for the win. I think I got fortunate with some early pulls as this one could have got away from me.

Game 3 I beat an MTI. Pad Taps earned be stupid money after a Corporate Sales Team score and I was able to bust up their econ constantly.

Game 4 I beat an Outfit. Early inside Job, Emergency Shutdown and DOF really wrecked their start and I just got rich with silly amounts of Turning Wheel counters.

Game 5 I lost to a Palana. I forgot Obokata existed and I absolutely should get the blame for being so silly. My opponent played it perfectly though .

I think this needs some cards to help it with the jinteki matchup further. Not sure what that is, but will keep working on it.

24 Feb 2019 rotage

Thanks for the games Guy, great fun as always. As your Game 5 opponent thank for your praise, it was really hard game and was shame we both couldn't make the cut