Tennin Theme Deck (5th Place at the ANRPC Charity Tourney)

Sanjay 3080

Took this to the ANRPC Charity Tournament and finished in fifth place.

Deck went 2-2 with a win against Ken Tenma and Alice, a loss vs. Alice, and a timed loss vs. Kit.

The highlight of the day for me was spending a turn gaining 48 credits from two very powerful Mass Commercialization.

I didn't win that game though so......

11 Jul 2017 PureFlight

How did you like Fumiko Field?

12 Jul 2017 Sanjay

I like any deck idea I steal from UFAQ.

16 Jul 2017 jase2224

Loved playing against this. I always trash Fumiko Yamamori in the future...I still can't believe myself for not doing so after accessing it. No more listening to Maw for me :)

17 Jul 2017 Sanjay

@jase2224Yeah! Maw and Aeneas Informant are incredible cards to put in your deck, but they are less good if you are asking them for gameplay advice.

I don't think I could avoid the temptation of a Maw trigger either.