lost my mojobi (1-2 @ Fly To EMEA 1, 7th Place✈✈✈)

nin 38


i was feeling pretty crappy about netrunner these past few weeks, i dont really have many people to talk one on one about the game with i feel like and it makes me feel a bit isolated idk... there are probably lots of people like that out there sooooo if you feel like that we should be friends :D, i also dont really play in many tournaments online, i decided to play in this one because the curupira alt looked awesome. in the end i managed to get them + the frog pin as well so awesome

the list talking

this is a pretty normal(?) takobi ken list, i made some changes such as going down to 1 of each breaker as i love living on the edge and having extra good cards. i also added Ashen Epilogue

im not really sure this card is good? i never played it once during my three runner games, even in the game i actually ran out of cards the opportunity cost of playing the damn event was waaaay too high, my original thought was that with alot of good money events this would be popping but the reality is a bit different 😱😱, i would maybe sub this back for Nuka or Disel or something not sure yet. the rest of the deck otherwise is pretty strong although i would still recommend playing with slots, if i was to build further i would want to get an inside job in maybe and some other BS tricks.


i played ken rounds 1,4 and 6! round 1 vs ob WIN: went: swimmingly, i think this is a really good matchup for ken and he can punish anything bad that happens pretty well

rounds 4 vs ob LOSS: contrary to the above, this is not the case if you draw no draw cards or breakers for ages O_O, somehow managed to still drag this one out for ages and almost come back... i didn't realise the list was on SDS drone protocols so i was actually at match point at the end oops (thought i needed 2 more 'gendies)

round 6 vs aginfusion LOSS: i am horrible at playing into aginfusion and it also dunks crim about sooo idk. maybe you can tell me new friend :)

corp sides

for corp side I played Bost PD πŸ”₯, it didn't drop me a game and i love playing PD it can be so stressful and silly and fun so yeah

shameless plug :)

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