King of Varberg, 1st Varberg Regionals

skewie 259

Last year I won the Varberg regionals in Sweden with Building a Better World. Wouldn't it be fun if it did well again?

Last years' deck is here.

The game plan is still the same old tag-and-bag. but with a few new more interesting tech cards and with overall better ice.

The deck went 2-2 during the span of both days:

Round 1 vs BYE
Round 2 vs Mopus Hate Kate - LOSS (Concede)
Round 3 vs Siegl on Siphon Whizz - LOSS
Round 4 vs Los - WIN

Top Cut:
Finals vs TugtetguT on DLR Maxx with that goddamned Jarogniew Mercs - WIN

So overall my runner deck certainly carried me through the tournament but the finals win against TugtetguT was pretty epic. Check out the VOD from the stream!

In the description of last years' deck I wrote that Mausolus could be a good include in the deck. I'm happy to report that it did some SERIOUS work throughout the whole tournament. :)

Runner deck is here.