Shipment from Titan 2: The Titaning

internet_potato 938

This deck came from the deck I took to 1st at an ANRPC charity tournament in July. I think it's better!

The basic plan is still the same: chain one Project Atlas after another and score out before the runner can effectively pressure R&D. ICE goes over R&D first unless you fear siphon or have an atlas in hand (even then, consider leaving HQ naked so as not to tempt).

The major changes are:

  1. The inclusion of Cyberdex Virus Suite to (sort of) address clot lock.
  2. The shift in agenda composition to drop 2 GFI for 4 4/2's. Corporate Sales Team was too slow to ever pay off, while Armored Servers can sometimes get you out of a jam and Geothermal Fracking can bounce you back from siphon. GFI was essentially impossible to score, while 4/2s are merely very hard to score.
  3. Using Special Report to help you avoid dangerous Audacity plays and dig for the pieces you need to finish up.

Check this deck out on @codemarvelous's Deckbuilding Derezzed and Test Run. Check the comments for a link.

27 Jul 2017 internet_potato

Deckbuilding Derezzed and Test Run with @codemarvelous!

28 Jul 2017 CaKnuckleguy

Shipment from Titan 2: Titanic Boogaloo.

Looks solid, not sold on Colossus as the 'scare em off' sentry, and I'd worry a persistent siphon-er just eats this deck for breakfast, but otherwise color me impressed and interested to see where it goes!

1 Aug 2017 internet_potato

@CaKnuckleguy yeah, it has definitely struggled against recent siphon anarch builds (with stuff like Mars for Martians and Counter Surveillance). Might be worth finding space for a Best Defense or two and changing Colossus to something that doesn't accelerate their win condition.