GenCon 2017 - 7th Place Runner

webster 403

23 Aug 2017 analogBrad

It's incredible to me that this deck is even playable at all! Very nice.

23 Aug 2017 TugtetguT

the shadow net <3 Have a like for that alone!

24 Aug 2017 Scotty Dave

Did Counter Surveillance and Shadow Net pull their weight?

24 Aug 2017 webster

The Shadow Net has been critical to winning many games. In testing it certainly demonstrated itself to be an integral component to the deck. At GenCon itself, The Shadow Net was responsible for winning two games.

Counter Surveillance is much less necessary. It could be a second Hacktivist, another Eater, another Joshua B., a Liberated Account, a Salsette Slums, or whatever else you feel like including in the deck really.

25 Aug 2017 tonybluehose

@webster, did Counter Surveillance do any work for you at the tourney? I like it in my Reina Tag-Me decks and found it to be my primary win condition--though I don't think Reina Tag-Me holds up at a high level tourney.

30 Aug 2017 webster

@tonybluehose Counter Surveillance did not perform at GenCon, though I felt it sufficiently impactful during testing to include in for the tournament.