[Startup] Modern Art - 6th place, NH Circuit Opener

funkeyman232 29

I had such an incredible time at my first Netrunner tournament. Huge shoutouts to the Neon Static crew for a great event, and congrats to Boston-meta local NotAgain for taking 2nd! This deck was my take on Startup Modernism, as seen on the M├ętropole Grid.

In my original testing, the tag-kill package didn't have enough teeth for a real win con, if the runner was looking out for it. I added Funhouses for extra tags, which increased the kill threat, taxed resources and slowed down the boat. Adding Anvil as anti-boat tech was extremely helpful, forcing runners to trash other programs or resources to protect their console (like No Free Lunch).

Built to Last prints money, especially with this agenda suite. I could easily afford to rez big ice, and trash mid-cost ice to feed the Anvil as needed. I did not need all the extra econ from Regolith or Extract, and will replace them for next time. After a match, Johnny the TO suggested I add Mutually Assured Destructions for extra tags, and I wish I thought of it earlier.

Scoring out was a solid win con as well, especially with an early 4/2 agenda score. Biotic really helps push your last score from hand after the runner's engine is built. It didn't come up on the day, but felt crucial in testing.

Game 1: Lost to Padma, who played an early boat, while I never drew into any public trails or tag punishment.

Game 2: Won against Padma, as I had plenty of ice and money to score out quickly with an Atlas counter and Biotic Labor

Game 3: Won against Boat Loup with a turn 3 Public Trail into End of the Line kill. My opponent almost clicked for enough econ, then changed their mind at the last second. With all kill combo cards in hand and an econ advantage, that game was most likely a win regardless.

This deck overall felt decent on the day, if I could draw into some tag punishment. There was a learning curve in ideal ice placement, and I should have pushed harder for Atlas counters that could be game winning. On to the next tournament!

27 Mar 2023 revengeanceful

Congrats on the strong finish, glad the Anvils worked out for you!

17 Apr 2023 revengeanceful

Out of curiosity, if you were to find room for some MADs, what would you cut? I feel like I would drop some Extracts before Regoliths to keep the number of things to feed to MAD high enough.

18 Apr 2023 funkeyman232

That's a great question. I cut the Regoliths and then really struggled to have enough MAD targets, but those might have been situational matches where I didn't rez much of the ice I had on centrals. Money in this deck is rarely a problem, but the extracts kept me up to threaten combo kills. I think extract and anvil are anti-synergy with MAD unfortunately.