Earth Station B路COM/BLM

Swiftie 242

Yep, i've not made many changes since the last tournment that I sat down oposite someone and was able to shake their hand. I don't often posts lists so this one will have to do for B路COM and BLM.

This is similar to the list that I played to the top 4 cut at B路COM. Ice has changed a little, the spiderweb's help deal with boomerang.

Archer and Project Atlas best Weyland cards since 2012.

It's not the same playing online, I miss the post event pub trips and seeing Rotage.

29 Jun 2020 rotage

Nice work, I don't miss Rotage, guy is a jerk

29 Jun 2020 lostgeek

Hey, what did Guy do to you? I thought he was a nice person.

29 Jun 2020 rotage

He plays Dyper all the time and I have to put up with it, bar that I guess hes ok

29 Jun 2020 Swiftie

My favourite opening with the deck is ice hq, flip and install rashida.

The last few games the Surveyor has been poor so would swap for another bit ofe ice.

30 Jun 2020 ataraxis

nice work at BLM 馃憦. I hope the jetlag wasn鈥榯 that bad.