Sauerkraut Bento (Cardiff Regionals 4th place)

pruneface 76

Ruhr Valley + Caprice Nisei in Jinteki RP is nasty. The runner has to run a central (click 1), then run the Ruhr server (click 2 and 3) and if they don't win the psi game, then they're out for the rest of the turn.

So, the plan with this deck is simple enough.

1) Ice centrals + build econ

2) Set up a scoring remote with Ruhr Valley and Caprice Nisei.

3) ???

4) Enjoy your Sauerkraut bento.

Video of this deck in action: (disclaimer: my brain is mush by this point)



Nisei Mk. II - the best agenda possible for this deck. The ability to stop siphons is powerful by itself, but with Ruhr + Caprice it becomes horrifying: even if the runner beats the Caprice psi game, in 4.3 you can use a scored token to end the run. (Optional step 4.3.1: laugh bitterly).

NAPD contract - The 4 cost is a big advantage in a taxing deck, and has won me a game on more than one occasion. I tried replacing it it with 2x braintrust, 1x philotic, and then 3x medical breakthrough, but didn't like it quite so much.

Future Perfect - There's nothing quite so annoying as a three point agenda you can't score. It's also nice to have a chunky points card to close out the game once you have the scoring server set up.

Fetal AI - a splash to kill the folks who think it's clever to run through komainu with no cards in their hand.



Jhow - recur parasited ice or economy cards. Dig for the combo. Dig for Nisei.

Shi.Kyu - I found this underwhelming. Ideally it stops the runner from winning by scoring three agendas, unless they score both future perfects. Often that never happens.

Health Clinic - The 0 rez is amazing. Give the runner a huge handsize and watch them cry when they encounter Komainu. . Sundew - in RP? 'nuff said.



Caprice + Ruhr. The heart of the combo. Think carefully before putting caprice on HQ or R&D unless you have a spare in the early game. The only time I wouldn't use these in a remote is vs. a Quest Completed/Notoriety deck. In that match up, put the combo on HQ or R&D to deny them their power cards.



You will want to rez a lot of ice. This means you need a lot of money. The combo itself costs 8, too. So there's that.

Hedge Fund - money is good!

Celebrity GIft - a tough card to play early game - information is valuable. I would consider dropping to 2 to add in something else.

Fundraiser - OK. So, a lot of people see me running this in a taxing Jinteki RP and go, huh? Some thoughts:

1) It is usually better to give your opponent 3 credits if it will let you rez one of your really taxing ice - Tsurugi or Komainu - because it costs them to get through, and gets your ice rezzed on all three centrals, which you want to do ASAP.

2)It's a great recovery card. A restructure you can play at 3cr is not to be sniffed at. Because you're rezzing ice all the time, you're not going to have 10cr lying around for long.

3) It combos well with Closed Accounts.

4) You have to be so careful when you play this. Don't give a poor runner money. 3cr can let them steal an NAPD or play psi games they would be otherwise too broke to afford.

Closed Accounts - amazing splash vs. criminals who keep their tags. Creates a scoring window out of nowhere.



This deck is mostly all about the taxing ice. Though the biggest taxers here are weak to parasite, one of the upsides of my ice choice is that datasucker counters (without parasite) become pretty much useless. Eli is their only target.

Eli 1.0 - great for remotes, or the bottom ice of R&D. Clicks are so important vs. RP that not breaking this with $ helps you out a lot.

Komainu - My fave ice in this deck. Terrible vs. parasite, but otherwise taxes the runner beautifully. Encourages them to run with few cards, which lets you hit them with Shi.Kyu.

Tsurugi - Amazing ice for taxation. Best friends with Pup and Komainu if the runner thinks they can save $ by ditching cards.

Pup - good early card on R&D or Archives, and pretty nice to play out on a Sundew in a remote.

Chimera - hard ETR in the early game, use it when you need it. I like it at the base of HQ behind a taxing ice, so I can rez it vs. siphon vs. crims. Good for the remote server vs. central breakers. Doubles as good early Sundew protection.

Enigma - one of the few cards with a hard ETR; RP loves ice that makes the runner lose clicks.


12 May 2014 Exo

cool looking deck

12 May 2014 Dydra

I've played with a Ruhr valley long before the exp ... sadly the 6 c cost was hurting quite a lot :\ maybe things are better now with simply having a caprice to protect it without rezzing the ice :\

12 May 2014 Dydra

but that means no caprice on HQ so enjoy those Account Siphons :\

12 May 2014 pruneface

@Dydra - yeah, sometimes it's enough to just have Caprice/Ruhr without the ice.

Not having Caprice on HQ as siphon defense is painful sometimes. It's also not great to dodge the siphons by rezzing ice / assets, because you want some money to play psi games with, otherwise they'll just come in and trash everything in the scoring remote.

It feels kinda bizarre to say it, but I think the best thing to do in this deck is have more than 5 money, and let them take it if they want to (so long as you make HQ cost 6+ to get through). If they keep the tags, chances are you'll get a shot at closing their accounts sometime. If they ditch them, it cost them enough that it wasn't really worth their time.

Popup would probably be a nice-to-have on the remote server, come to think of it, though I'm not sure there's inf/space.

15 May 2014 Alsciende

Yummy Sauerkraut Bentō!

24 May 2014 Ber

'Fetal AI - a splash to kill the folks who think it's clever to run through komainu with no cards in their hand'

Hahahaha, I love it!