Hayley "Victorinox" Kaplan (8th Place Malaysian Nationals)

sigma83 293

With Chaos Theory giving up running to be with her dads, the next youngest Shaper takes up the Victorinox.

Hayley's ability is really good especially combined with Personal Workshop to install things on the corp's turn - she also makes things like Clot, RDI, and Plascrete able to be surprise installed from the grip which is a ton of fun.

Innovations from the previous version include Algo Trading which is absolutely amazing in a deck that likes to sit back and set up - especially if you double installed it with Hayley. The breaker suite has lost an Atman because it no longer has the memory to support it - Equivocation has taken its place as the utility program. The Opus is also now 3x because a) 45 card decks are the wooooorst b) being able to put Opus onto Personal Workshop is far more efficient than having to SMC it in.

The main benefit of cards like Peace and Algo is that I can now spend a lot more time drawing cards rather than taking credits with Opus, so the deck now feels a lot smoother. Fan Site remains a fantastic card (pulling memory, Beth, Plascretes, or RDIs/ArIs on command is always good).

Na'Not'K's release means I save 2 influence on Shrike which I used for ArI expecting a lot of asset spam, but I ended up not facing any. On the day it removed a critical Jackson Howard and a Boom. I cut 2x Stimhacks for Clot and this ended up being good - I didn't miss the Stimhacks especially with 3x Algo allowing much better money management and I caught out two different opponents trying to fast advance an agenda which I then stole after using Clot.

Changes for the Future

I would really like a way to include Bloo Moose (I chose Beth over it because IMO Beth is more flexible) and a draw card, maybe Earthrise Hotel.

I want 7 memory (Opus, 3x breakers, Equivocation, Parasite/Clot), so the Astrolabe/Akamatsu ratio will change. I also kind of want a Shadow Net but Artist Colony is way too important to cut.

28 Aug 2017 Dazzler

How would you use Parasite in this deck ? I would think the influence is better spent elsewhere. Algo trading is an interesting card, but I have never used it myself. Does it synergies well with this deck ? The tempo is fast enough ?

28 Aug 2017 sigma83

@Dazzler Parasite is for the following ice usually: Kakugo, NEXT Silver, Komainu - really irritating ICE to break over and over again - and if I need to get past a Quandary/Vanilla and don't want to commit to installing Paperclip/Inversificator.'

Algo is an MVP in terms of letting me spend more clicks setting up instead of clicking Opus, but after seeing Tapwrm in action I might test that instead since that will give my Clone Chips more utility and switch Algo for sacrificial constructs.