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You've seen it. You've heard about it. It's the worst thing ever for the game. Rotation will save us all!


The game plan is easy: draw a lot of cards, make the Runner go into stasis by doing this combo when you have 13+ credits.

As pointed out on Slack, it turns out that the combos in this deck are illegal, as the first Click is an Operation that Jeeves doesn't see. Therefore you can not get the extra click from Jeeves that turn, using 3 Operations after Jeeves has been rezzed.
To solve this, you can use two Biotic Labor instead to get the Clicks you need. Remove Director Haas for two Biotic Labor instead.

The starting-combo will then be:
Click 1-2: Biotic Labor x 2.
Click 3: Shipment from MirrorMorph out: Victoria Jenkins, Clone Suffrage Movement, Clone Suffrage Movement.
Click 4-5: Load Testing x 2.
Click 6: Install MCA Austerity Policy.
Click 7: Click MCA.

You then have to use Load Testing until you have 3 counters on MCA, then pop MCA, install Museum of History, Jeeves and the last Load Testing. When you use 3 x Load Testing, you will have 1 Click for free to score out - if you don't have Bio-Ethics.

Click 1-2: Biotic Labor x 2.
Click 3: Shipment from MirrorMorph out: MCA Austerity Policy, AAL, AAL.
Click 4-6: Load Testing x 3 or Load Testing x 2 and click MCA.
Click 7: Friends in High Places: Victoria Jenkins, and something else like Jeeves, MCA Austerity or Museum of History.
Rez Victoria Jenkins to make the Runner lose the last Click. Use the two AAL's to install two CSM.
Use CSM to get back two Load Testings.
Use two Load Testing, and third if you have it. If you install MCA, Click it.


Bio-Ethics Association is there for making the game go faster, you know, to not make the Runner snore 4ever. If Friends get on MWL3, just remove Bio-Ethics, add one more AAL.


Account Siphon is a thing, and God of War is annoying. Hortum (with three counters) and Turing is there for AI hate, and Ark Lockdown is to snipe away Black Orchestra's.

Jak Sinclair wrecks your plan, but noone plays him - for now.

Out of the Ashes is also a card, but hardly played nowadays. Ark Lockdown is useful on those.


Am I a bad person? Yes.

Shoutouts to @gtm for a lot of play-testing and improvements on this deck, and a lot of love to the Swedish Netrunner Community for believing in me and motivating me to make this possible!

11 Sep 2017 Laxen

Sorry for the like. Was gonna like and unlike and write "liked to unlike" but it seems I cannot unlike...

11 Sep 2017 CeeTee2001


11 Sep 2017 haywire

This is evil, and you're a bad person.

But this is to be expected to be seen played often, so we shouldn't shoot the Messenger.

Maybe i should slot some CBI Raid?

11 Sep 2017 kollapse

Just so people aren't too discouraged: Hyperdriver is also a card that this deck really doesn't like. And I'm probably one of at the most two Swedish Netrunner players actually believing and motivating you.

11 Sep 2017 mcbeast

The agenda suite is also flexible: You can switch out Successful Field Test for Show of Force to end the game more quickly, but SFT is good to get out those last pieces (Museum and/or third CSM) faster.

11 Sep 2017 percomis

Is Hortum worth if for the 2 inf and 3 clicks you advance it to make it unbreakable by AI? Are AIs that bothersome that you wouldn't spend the influence differently?

11 Sep 2017 percomis

Also do you have enough econ for the deck to work out with only the 6 clearances giving you money?

11 Sep 2017 mcbeast

@percomis Yes, Hortum can be worth it. You don't need to advance it if there's no AI's out. Also it gives some breathing room if you manage to snipe away the Runners BO's. Otherwise a flexible slot for your needs.

Regarding the clearances, as BLC and GLC rotates out, you don't have so many options left. You can change the agenda suite for Vanity instead to get more deck space, thus adding Hedge Fund's/Lateral Growth's. Also, UVLC combos fine with AAL, giving you some extra money.

As usual with CI, if you don't find your clearances, it's an uphill battle. I'm sure there are a lot of improvements to be done on this deck (i.e. chaing Director Haas for Biotic Labour's), although this one has an second out by killing the Runner instead of waiting for the Corp to score out.

11 Sep 2017 mcbeast

Also, you only need 13 credits to start the combo.

13 Sep 2017 mDuo13

FYI: In the newly-redefined post-rotation world, you'll have to use Project Vitruvius instead of Accelerated Beta Test. Which is... actually an upgrade. Plus you don't need to worry about Siphons anymore.

13 Sep 2017 kollapse

mDuo's point is a very good one, as we have discussed in the Swedish slack. No Siphon or Vamp makes this deck very happy.

13 Sep 2017 gejben

Totally invalid deck now, @alsciende can we delete this shit now?

13 Sep 2017 mcbeast

As the Jeeves trigger doesn't work, the combos has been edited. The combo needs a lot more money now, but due to rotation and the removal of Account Siphon, this shouldn't be much of a problem.

Just remove 2 x Director Haas, add 2 x Biotic Labor instead.

17 Sep 2017 SammyBoy

Welp, I just played against a variation of this deck via Jinteki, and now my sweet innocence has been robbed from me forever by some truly awful human beings (from Sweden apparently - never visiting). So my beautiful virgin vanilla Runner suite was unable to break through this EVIL, DIABOLICAL, TWISTED (pretty clever) shell that was set up, and dis Squirtle ting also don't do shit - looks like this animal's gonna be starving tonight!

Why yes, I was playing Khan at the time. How is that relevant?