Scoring Window 101 (5-1 at Euros)

Odol 1660

All the credit for the deck's name goes to Andrej of Metropole Grid. The rest is mostly my own invention.

In the meta dominated by criminals, there are just a few rules a self-respecting jinteki player must always adhere to:

  1. Ice with strength lower than 4 is too trivial for Aumakua to break to even bother slotting in.
  2. Anansi loves becoming the target of a Boomerang, and if said Boomerang happens to target another piece of ice, you can always just trash it for the boop.
  3. Rig destruction is a thing, and the only activity Marcus Batty loves more than firing a Tithonium is firing a Cortex Lock for a flatline.
  4. Runners only play a single copy of Hunting Grounds, so if you happen to have an unrezzed piece of ice behind your Data Loop you can just boop them away to make them encounter it again. Bonus points if you have another Data Loop rezzed somewhere to boop the runner onto.
  5. Nothing creates a scoring window for an Obokata like a runner finding a Snare!
  6. When you are AgInfusion, An Offer You Can't Refuse only needs to start on a central server, but then can lead the runner to magical places, like a Snare behind a Cortex Lock, with Marcus Batty cheerfully overseeing this entire joyride.

If you feel like taking the deck for a spin I hope you have at least half the fun I had during the 2020 NISEI European Championship. Do recommend :)

25 Jul 2020 .wil

This sounds like you had a really, really good day playing this deck. (Hope the Smoke is published too, your Smokes are always inspirational)

26 Jul 2020 5N00P1

you are really a master of AgInf! Econ looks a bit scarce, is that only a feeling? Or I'm not taking the boop into account?

26 Jul 2020 koga

Seeing you play on jnet with this is what made me want to play it too!
I took the main ideas I saw and tried to build a deck from that, it works really really well!

26 Jul 2020 Odol

@.wil Thanks! I just published the Smoke list, but I am not particularly happy with it, so consider it a work in progress.

@5N00P1Thank you! The ability to boop is pretty essential for early econ, as one nasty piece of ice can pretty reliably protect all your servers until the runner is set up. If you are not too shy with your Celebrity Gifts or too afraid to go for an early SSL score (even behind porous ice), your economy should be fine.

@kogaHappy to hear that :)