Redder, Better, Faster, Stronger (4th at Taunton Regional)

swabl 337

An iteration on my Euro's BABW list, which in turn is my latest iteration on @BlueHG's Redder is Better.

Not much to say about this. I tightened up the ICE (i.e. cut Ice Wall for the third Border Control and swapped Eli for the third Slot Machine) and cut a Death and Taxes for the third Rashida (although I feel D&T isn't the right cut for it). There's definitely some more room for improvement but the core is solid and any further changes would be minor.

This was undefeated on the day, beating Lat, Leela, Jesminder and 419 - none of them easy matchups. I didn't get to play it in the tiebreaker or cut games, running 3 times, but I suspect that streak would not have lasted if I had.

23 Jun 2019 twisty_b

"This was undefeated on the day,"

can't believe my glorious victory on the train has been written out of history

23 Jun 2019 swabl