Speedy Smoke (Revised Core compatible)

obscurica 1298

Let's kick things off with the revised Core Set quickly.

REALLY quickly.

In a post-Jackson world, Indexing is extremely oppressive. Not only does it leave the corp's R&D exposed to manipulation, with Mad Dash and "Freedom Through Equality" potentially providing autowins, but it also means the corp's draws are that much worse in the short term.

Otherwise: this deck is about as straightforward you can get. Just run hard, and let Daredevil pull out the winning Indexing combo for you.

13 Sep 2017 MazeBerlin

Nice list! But is Aaron really necessary now?

13 Sep 2017 zmb

@MazeBerlin i would say no, but only because i run Dedicated Response Team in my flatliner Weyland deck :D

13 Sep 2017 CodeMarvelous

Blackstone seems very rough .

13 Sep 2017 obscurica

@MazeBerlin If nothing else, it helps you dig just a bit faster. But yeah, it was a habitual include moreso than anything.

@CodeMarvelous It is! It also costs me influence to replace with anything better. :( Though if I drop Aaron, maybe BlacKat...

13 Sep 2017 Cpt_nice

If you drop Aaron and 1 E strike, you can use Paperclip. Thank me later

29 Sep 2017 Kaleithel

Nice deck! But what if the Corp manages to destroy an Icebreaker? I see no cards to take it back from the heap, and you have only a copy of each one (and the AI, of course).

30 Sep 2017 princexEli

Are you planning on remaking the deck to deal with MWL 2.0?