Starlight Power Nap

phette23 2237

We did a "post-rotation sendoff jank tournament" where you were encouraged to play janky cards that were rotating that you'd never used before. I tried to play a mostly post-rotation, post-Core 2.0 deck but focused on the doubles theme, including Starlight Crusade Funding, Power Nap, Lucky Find, and some other doubles. We lose all these after rotation.

Doubles MaxX isn't all that janky, it just has a weird economy engine, but it gets kinda finicky with all the pieces from the tag-me setup too. If someone trashes your Adjusted Chronotype then Starlight sits around draining clicks. But when it's firing, playing a bunch of doubles for one click is awesome. I had turns like "Gambit that remote, Gambit that remote, Power Nap to gain 12". My best matchup on the day was probably against a Mushin Cybernetics Division deck, where Obelus meant I had a huge hand size & Singularity let me check remotes without fear.

RIP Doubles MaxX 2015-2017