Queen's Gambit

Queen's Gambit 0[credit]

Event: Double
Influence: 3

As an additional cost to play this event, spend [click].

Place up to 3 advancement counters on 1 unrezzed card in the root of a remote server. Gain 2[credit] for each counter placed this way. You cannot access that card for the remainder of the turn.

Illustrated by Matt Zeilinger
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Double Time (dt)

#102 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Queen's Gambit is, at its heart, situational economy.

How many times have you been in a situation where there was simply no way you could break into a (remote) server? This is a card that lets you acknowledge that something is temporarily out of reach in exchange for 6 credits.


  • 0 credit cost. Do not underestimate the usefulness of this! You'll never need to do something else to get credits before playing this card.

  • Significant burst econ.


  • Obviously, depends on there being an unrezzed card in a remote server. This isn't always something that happens for pure fast-advance corp decks.


  • Anarchs tend to rely on tools significant up-front costs but don't need much afterward. (See: Yog.0)

  • Liberated Account is 6 credits. Queen's Gambit gets you 6 credits.

  • Expose effects (eg: Infiltration) let you know if something is really safe to place the advancement counters on.

  • Prevents you from accessing traps that are used to protect upgrades (eg: an Edge of World protecting a SanSan City Grid)

(Up and Over era)

My Favourite economy card in the game, while many people may favour the unflexible "Day Job" I prefer not to spend my entire turn for +8 Credits.

Here is Break down: 1. Queens Gambit has no Activation cost: (except their being a face down asset) 2. Queens Gambit gets you the same number of credits in a turn as Day job: Click, Click=6 ,Click +1, Click +1=+8 same as day job 3. Queens Gambit doesn't take you entire turn: Tempo Loss is a massive thing that kills Anarchs the number of times in tournaments I'v seen Anarchs end their turn on two credits is to high, when they do that I know that they are going to "Day job" next turn and that I have two turns to do whatever I like, like scoring any 5/3. 4. Queens Gambit can be used to check for Agendas: Ok this is a weird one but...if you advance a card three times and then the corp still doesn't score it, it is defiantly not an Agenda, sometimes you need to know these things before you waste your time running through a server to see it. 5. Your not going to advance and Agenda: Its actually pretty hard to mess up those advancement counter, due to the Sheer number of Jackson Howards, Boot camps, and Cyberdex suits, so its easy money.

The worst the Queen has ever done for me is playing two of them to place 6 advancements on a project Beale, which they then advanced three more times for five points. Yeah that was bad, but I still went to win the game, which is miraculous, but I had so much money he couldn't keep his economy up, let alone his San San city grid.

Very good card, but I think that's just me having weird preferences in this game.

(The Valley era)
Also a cool synergy with Bank Job, for even more moneys for not accessing. —

cool mysterious voice: i shall play the most powerful move i have ever been taught in my years of chess-netrunner training! Queen's Gambit! I place three advancement tokens on this remote server, knowing full well I could be advancing a secret agenda, potentially costing me the game! DUN DUN DUN

immediate lapse into childlike glee: now i play Exploratory Romp.

(Earth's Scion era)
That's just wrong xD —
So in the end you paid 3 clicks and 1$ to gain 6$ for a net of 1.6$ per click... —
@TheChronicler, I don't this was meant to be taken seriously. I suggest it was an attempt at humour and to justify the existence of Exploratory Romp. —
Let behavior like this continue and eventually someone will think Record Reconstructor belongs in a deck. :P —
Moot point due to rotation, but if there's only one card in the remote server could you use exploratory romp? There's no access to replace. —
"You cannot access that card" should rule the same way as Eater's "you cannot access more than zero cards." You still finish the run and get an "access cards" step, but you can't access THAT card. Replacement effects are fine. —

So i bought a Japanese copy of the run like a champ deck and ice notices t the Queen's Gambit has a cost of 3 rather than 0. Typo? Error? Was it errata'd? It is full art. Does the English full art cost 3 or 0?

(Quorum era)
It should cost 0. —
And it would be a really bad eco card if it would cost 3. Like really bad. —
The English full art also has the error (saying it costs 3), but it should cost 0. —