Fast Advance Tennin

atuk84 255

Turtle out and fast advance when combo pieces are in hand.

Always assume clot before fast advancing agenda.

Crick Crimsium Grid to counter Omar or any other access archive thing, else crick whampoa to save agenda from archive. Would consider CVS to counter aumakua.

Improved Protein Source? Runner is damn rich anyway.

Allele Trick of Light & Shipment from Tennin

19 Sep 2017 R2-DTAT

I run a similar list. My influence is spent toward ice walls, a biotic, special reports, and Crisiums. Mass commercialization is great econ.

20 Sep 2017 atuk84

@R2-DTAT tried Mass Commercialization but usually not all ice are advanced due to Trick of Light... 90% of runner i encounter pack Employee Strike so I need to manually advance the ICE...