Play stupid games, win stupid Reprises - Toronto MayCO Hoshi

mo0man 581

This is the deck I brought to the Toronto May Circuit opener (This one) for my first ever store champ/CO win after like 10 years of playing.

The corp I brought was this one, but I will note that when I made that decision it wasn't deck of the week yet. If I were to play it again I would some changes to the deck, but it's pretty solid.

Anyway, I built this deck the night before at about 2am. I'm not certain where it was, but I saw some internet chatter while I was looking for deck inspiration for the tournament, and someone, somewhere said something to the effect of "Reprise in hoshiko is bad, you should not play it" and I decided to make and play this deck out of spite. I've made probably a million hoshikos over the years, and I don't think there were any other deck choices here which haven't been quibbled over a million times. I still hate playing Moshing though.

My memory is terrible nowadays, so I'm not going to do a full tournament writeup, but I will say that it took until the quarterfinals against Shane for me to even have the option of playing Reprise. It did basically nothing, but everyone cheered.

16 May 2023 formerteen

sounds like you needed two more copies

16 May 2023 Tondo

sounds like you needed minus one more copies

17 May 2023 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

😅 haha I appreciate the discourse on Reprise!