A Game of Cyvasse (2nd Place at Petrie's)

CrimsonWraith 3614

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

Whoops, didn't realize ABR was publishing these. Well then, guess we're doing this. This archetype was the brainchild of the group of Colorado players that went to Worlds '17. In my opinion, it was one of the most fun CI archetypes, both to play and to play against. I went 13-4 with this deck across four tournaments (3x store championships, 1x GNK) post-rotation, and that includes one miserable 1-3 showing, so a more impressive 12-1 in the other tournaments. Unfortunately, the closest I got to winning a tournament with it was hitting six points in game two of a grand finals, doh.

The concept was pretty simple. Draw cards and make money (ya know, CI things). Install MCAAP and Ash in a remote server behind a Fairchild 3. That puts the Runner on a timer and typically in a bind. If the Runner let you have it, fast-advance an Elective Upgrade and score out with 2x Vitruvius over the next two turns for the win. If the Runner went after it, by the time they broke FC3 (can't click through because of MCA), beat the Ash trace, and trashed MCA, they were probably in HHN range. Load Testing and HHN them on your turn, follow-up with Boom on the next turn.

When the deck was at its best, it forced the Runner into lose-lose situations, an aspect of my favorite archetypes dating back years (see: GRNDL Supermodernism). Obviously, there were plenty of ways to counter those main lines, which ultimately made for quality, fun, interactive games of Netrunner against smart players. It's still viable without VLC, but it's slower, taking away one of the deck's strongest advantages.