Heist Val - 88th at Worlds 2019

Pokerface 28

This is the Valencia deck I took to CoL and Worlds 19. It is really a very classical Val deck shell with some spicy Diversion of Funds to take the corp off balance, gain bad pub with mining accident and stargate them to death.

It started as my deck for our Paris regional, when the meta was full of Gagarin, and I wanted to make sure I had plenty of bad pub to be able to trash assets and not completely auto-die against Gagarin. It even had an hijacked router at the time to counter asset spam, which I think is not needed anymore.

Nobody is really expecting a T1 DOOF from VAL, so often corps will start by icing R&D, icing a remote and putting a rashida in there, or in the case of Argus, putting an Atlas in a remote, icing it, playing a money card and looking mean. With two DOOF, you can easily punish such nonsense (20% chance of having one of them in you starting hand, 35% if you mull for it), and put them on the back foot. By the time they recover, you have installed Stargate and started to punish them, or grabbed an early agenda.

In CoL it did OK, in the main event, not as well as my stupid corp deck, even if the losses were very close. I lost more matches than I won. Probably should switch a few cards, like replace daily quests with dirty laundries to increase its level of aggressivity and add an earthrise hotel in there or something like this.

This was my first big tournament, and I was really impressed by the good spirit everybody was in, and had a really good time – thanks a lot to all my opponents, and also to the very good people at NISEI that took over the stewardship of the game. I don’t think you could tell fan-run Nisei worlds 2019 from a professionally-run event – because it was so professionally run. You are all really awesome!