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Silent Arbiter 123

If you are searching for the funniest jank ever made, you are in the right place.

Yesterday, in a game against @james123lui, I had to face a version of this deck with the remote, baiting me to run into it while installing gaslights, rashidas and sometimes agendas. (Not talking about that QPM on r&d after letting the turnpike fire… Right??)

I loved the base idea: Eavesdrop, maybe 2, installed on Thimblerig, Rutherford Grid behind it and just a pool of really really cheep ices that we don’t even need to rez to make the runner face the thimberlig n times (Rime best ice ever in Gamenet) There was just a problem for me: I HATE REMOTE SERVERS. So i decided to put down my version instead. And this is it. Just protect your two centrals (archives is not a server guys, there’s no Nani anymore). Scoring everything from hand, if the runner goes tag me in an even easier way, otherwise we have to use 2 biotic + 3 2/1 or 3 biotic reshuffling the first one with a spin. One of your centrals protected by the thimberlig, the other one by 4/5 of the other ices (possibly 3 rime + surveyor or just another thimberlig with eavesdrop) I’ve never ended the game with the runner on less then 4 tags so I guess the third shipment or even the Freedoms are considerable.


  • Do not put thimberlig as first ice against anarch, they just hippo it. But till they don’t, hey, its a 3 credit to break every encounter :3

  • Dies to Chisel.

  • Dies to Hush.

  • Magnet is your best friend.

  • Boomerang on Surveyor is op.

9 Jun 2023 mr_pelle

I had a similar idea quite some time ago when there were even more Condition operations, but kudos to you for being so brave to publish it! :D

9 Jun 2023 james123lui

Haha nice one! I'm still iterating on my version before publishing, now at a decent 50% winrate XD

Here it is so far if you're interested: