Harmony RUSHtek (4-0 Games of Berkley)

Swan 395

This Deck went Undefeated at today's GNK. Beating two top four worlds players and the guy that swept the small tournament at PAX

Round one vs a good friend of mine playing Kit. Rushed my first agenda behind ice. Was fed enough money from freedom through equality to Fast Advance

Round two vs Brian, also playing kit: game was tight, got down to the last 11 cards in the deck, clicked to draw the fifth agenda, makers eye missed the last four agendas in the deck. Trick of light for the win

Round three vs Wes, playing Alya: Again a very tight game, scored two agendas early, the first behind ice. It was turn three before he realized he was playing against Harmony and not Tennin. Then sac con and clot hit the table. Wes came back and after several purges another sac con and clot got played. behind ice I had a plan B sitting for most of the game. I decided to triple advance it. After much deliberation and a decision that there wasn't a trap that would harm him he ran the Plan B, scoring the Braintrust from the hand, bypassing the clot.

Round four vs Kodie playing a nearly identical Alya list: Kodie was able to set up faster than Wes, this one was rough, I had made several mistakes, I started to fast advance but forgot there was an SMC on the table, luckily his only breaker was Savant and he bounced off of Kakugo and I was still able to score the agenda. After we had each scored two agendas I mushin'd a plan be and he ran it

This was the first sweep I have done with either side at a GNK, it's a gutsy deck and I was rewarded for it.

9 Oct 2017 phette23

I never should've mocked the Medtech-Merger combo.

10 Oct 2017 Zouavez

I've been playing a similar list and have found Hortum to be great for both rushing and anti-AI.

13 Oct 2017 RvdH83

How do you generally deal with Clot in this deck? Just leave agendas unadvanced in a server?

15 Oct 2017 Swan

Purge and plan B, along with the occasionally never advance