Charity Gift 2017 Titan

CookieCat 26

4/5 wins (3 perfect Atlas Trains without a hitch)

Gabe – win

Smoke – lost 2 Atlases but managed to sabotage what would have been the winning Indexing using my 1 scored Atlas token, and close the game by scoring a GFI from hand with Biotic, Trick of Light and Audacity

Kit – win

Apex – win

Omar – a disappointing end for the last game; I very early on got completely flooded with Global Foods and no ice, eventually having to dump them in the archives and hope for the best (they were promptly discovered though purely by accident)

The matchup I was most fearing was Shaper with Clot, luckily I only encountered 1 and it was installed from hand with no Sacrificial Construct so it wasn't an issue.

22 Oct 2017 haywire

Good Deck! I play something very similiar.

Is Bailiff doing enough for replacing Ice Wall?

I'd swap the Oaktown with a Corporate Sales Team, since it doesn't synergise with Trick of light and gives you more Money.

22 Oct 2017 CookieCat

@haywire I'd say the Bailiff is worth it, yeah! There's enough advanceable ice in the deck to not need Ice Wall, and over the course of a game you can end up making quite a few credits from it.

I did originally have Corporate Sales Team, but the instant credits you make from rushing an Oaktown Renovation are really helpful early on (which is mainly when I'd try and score it, or as a back-up plan with Biotic Labor / Audacity)