SOCR8 Testy Femme

dbAdmin 47

Continuing my tradition of running the nets as #worldsgreatestmom once again, SOCR8 was a challenge due to the loss of TD. The loss of Maxwell hurts the most, Laguna was my best source of draw in SOCR7 when I could get it down, and Dean Lister is a loss too. In SOCR7 my preferred tech was a Test Run with Laamb and a playset of Gbahali, a combination of rush remote threat that I dubbed "Laamb Chomps." Besides that, I wanted to try a few new cards including Kasi String and PAD Tap. I also included Femme to combo with Test Run if that ends up being a better choice for a quick strike. The bright spot was having access to 3xUWC for the triple core! All told, it's a pile that requires aggressive manual draw to dig up the good stuff.