Runner Up - Fremont Store Championship - My DDoS MaXx v. 1.0

elidelajandro 84

This deck was my runner deck at the recent store championship in Fremont, CA.

It went 3-1 in Swiss. The only loss being a God-draw against an ASA deck, which was even faster than my deck.

It went 2-1 in the Finals, just running out of steam against a highly tuned Palana deck.

I recently came out of retirement to play Netrunner again. I was strictly a Gabe player. Then Desperado and Siphon were rotated, so I figured I'd find the most aggressive Anarch I could find.

This deck suits my aggression fairly well. Install DDoS, pop it to Index or Wanton, use En Passant liberally.

I don't have all the cards so I had to play with what I had, borrowing it. Going forward, I'd probably go -1 MKUltra, -1 Turtle, -1 En Passant for +1 Femme, +2 I've Had Worse.

eXer is fine but goes too slowly for my taste. Would love to put another Mad Dash in.