Apocalypse Val - 46th at Euros

leachrode 815

6-2 on the day

Beat 3 x Titan, 2 x Skorp, 1 x Palana, lost to 1 x Moons CI and 1 x combo CI

Very happy with how this performed on the day having barely played apoc Val before the tournament. The combination of ways to contest rush (run amok, ddos and 2 of each breaker), ways to disrupt FA in wanton and ways to reset board states that slip rapidly out of hand in Jinja, ctm and moons proved ideal for the meta that turned up on the day. There's also not insignificant value early on in Swiss in playing a deck that resembles all the other Val's but wants to do something fairly different (until you inject into eater apocalypse ddos that is).