Skorp Rush - Worlds Top Weyland 2017

schrader 350

Highest placed Weyland at Worlds 2017 at 37th place, which went undefeated on day one and was one win away in day two from making the top 16 cut. Played alongside my Trash Man Omar deck. It wins by either rushing out early agendas and then fast advancing (scoring out of hand in a single turn) for the win, or locking the Runner out by removing their breakers from the game with Hunter Seeker and/or Marcus Batty fires on Roto Turret/Tithonium/Archer.

It runs three Best Defenses to take out Sacrificial Constructs, which prevent program trashes, but they can also take out Self-Modifying Code, Inti, Same Old Thing, Street Peddler, Always Be Running, and basically anything against Counter Surveillance Anarchs. Sac Con is top priority and you generally want to save your Best Defenses for Sac Con against Shapers even if there are other targets, because most Shapers are playing Sac Con right now, but if you have agendas to rush out behind Ice early on, then you can use it on SMC to try to rush it out. Don't use Best Defense on Tapwrm; econ usually isn't the deciding factor in winning/losing games, and if the Runner is playing Tapwrm, then they're playing Sac Con too, which is much more important to trash. It's usually not even worth it to purge to trash a Tapwrm because your clicks can likely be better spent, and if the Runner is any good, then they're not gonna use a Sac Con for a Tapwrm against Skorp. Against Counter Surveillance, use it on God of War or Black Orchestra, depending on how many tags the Runner has and how many Hortums you've drawn; if you take out their Black Orchestra (which is almost always a 1-of in Counter Surveillance decks), then you can lock them out of a server with a triple-advanced Hortum.

Batty is usually used for trashing programs, but there are other edge cases: Tithonium's last subroutine of Trash a Resource and End the Run is a great Batty target. If the Runner has a Sac Con installed, then you can Batty Tithonium to trash the Sac Con and also end the run. It's also great for taking out The Turning Wheel if the runner is just bouncing off of centrals to build up counters for a big R&D dig. Batty can also be used on a regular End the Run subroutine in the rare case that you're scoring our your last agenda for the game win and the runner is too poor to break all of your Ice again, which happened once during the Icebrearker side event.

The three Wraparounds are because of Aumakua. Ice Wall over Vanilla because Aumakua can't break Ice Wall at zero counters. Rototurret is in because it has both a program trash and an ETR. Yes, Aumakua can break it with no counters, but that's what Batty is for. You want to have Rotos (or Archer or Tithonium) as the innermost Ice if you're able, but don't delay rushing an agenda behind a Wraparoud just to get Roto as the innermost Ice. You want Tithonium on R&D if possible so you can Batty trash Turning Wheels if you need to, but again, don't put it there just to put it there if you need Ice on other servers.

Also remember to be smart about using your "remove from game" ability. Unless you're RFG'ing a breaker, then you generally shouldn't use it against Anarchs; the last thing you want is for an Anarch to Inject a breaker into Archives and be unable to RFG it. RFG Maker's Eyes, Legworks, and Indexings if you can't trash/RFG any breakers during the run and aren't scoring out an agenda behind a Batty. If the Runner is on Clone Chip, SMC can be a nice RFG target as well

7 Nov 2017 connorhalo

I'm playing a variant on this and I really like your version. That Best Defense is righteous.

8 Nov 2017 saetzero

I saw tithonium, i approve., thats all i ever need or want

8 Nov 2017 ChairmanHiro

The site says this deck is tournament illegal for some reason.

8 Nov 2017 ryanbantwins

@ChairmanHiro: Some of his cards (ice wall, rototurret) are selected from core set, instead of revised core. If you don't uncheck the box 'coreset', netrunnerdb will give you 2 options for a card even though they are the same. Choosing the wrong version, will make your deck 'illegal'.

The deck is perfectly legal.

8 Nov 2017 king_mob

I hadnt thought about Best Defence in a tagless deck, thats an awesome include.

8 Nov 2017 Saan

With 2 Standoff and 3 Hostiles, I'm surprised you aren't running another Archer instead of perhaps the third Ice Wall. But hey, it sounds like the deck was sick, so who am I to judge slight differences in card slots =P Congrats! Weyland Life


9 Nov 2017 ChairmanHiro

I don't get the 1 audacity. They only thing you can FA is atlas. Just how useful was being able to occasionally FA one atlas?

9 Nov 2017 schrader

It's very useful. Weyland has historically had a rather significant problem in being able to get up to 4-5 agenda points fairly easily and then being unable to score the last 2-3 points. This can even apply to Skorpios; you won't completely lock the Runner out every game. Audacity can get around this by letting you score an Atlas from hand for the win (or to get to 6 points and then score a Hostile from hand for the win, though generally you want to score the Hostile first so you don't trash your hand). This is made even better by being able to tutor for Atlas/Audacity/Hostile with an Atlas counter. For an example, my last game of Day 1 against a Val, I rushed out an Oaktown behind a Wraparound turns 1 and 2, a couple turns after I followed it up with a 5 advanced Atlas. At that point, I had essentially won the game since Anarchs don't run Clot recursion. I just had to draw one Audacity, Hostile, or Atlas, and then I could tutor for the other two cards. And even if the Runner is playing Clot, you can bait it out with a Hostile or Standoff when you're on game point and then purge it to RFG it.

Basically, including one single copy of Audacity grants you an entire other end-game win condition.

9 Nov 2017 schrader

As for a second Archer, it would be nice to have, but I wouldn't cut an Ice Wall for it; you don't want to be stuck with Ice you can't rez early game, and Fracters are probably the most common breaker type to run one of. I think if I were to cut anything from the deck for another card, it would be a Standoff, but that kinda defeats the purpose a bit of adding another Archer.

24 Jan 2018 Shatenjager

Ran a variant of this at a GNK. I cut 1 Best Defense and added an extra Audacity. I wanted to close out the game ASAP.