Masochist Conspiracy (KoS 2017)

tmoiynmwg 6198

@Zeromus helped me design this self-damage Omar deck based on this awesome pre-rotation list; I ended up playing it in the King of Servers team tournament to a mediocre record (2 wins, 1 timed win, and 2 losses). One game was featured on stream. For corp I played Skorp rush.

The initial game plan is to apply lots of early pressure with Lamprey, Indexing, and Omar's ability. As the corp manages to stabilize, you transition into drawing and playing your damage combo cards. Clan Vengeance and Officer Frank can offer a lot of hand disruption, which hopefully slows the corp down enough for you to win with Hades Shard or Apocalypse.

Reasons to play this deck:

  • You have a solid plan against every variant of Cerebral Imaging; it's hard for CI to muster enough ice to defend all 3 centrals and they always have cards in hand they'd hate to lose.
  • Jinteki's net damage turns into a very double-edged sword against you.
  • Clan Vengeance is very good at disrupting Project Atlas trains.
  • You enjoy making @josh01 and @Paranoid read 80% of the cards you install.


It's a fun deck with a lot of room for customization, so I encourage you to give it a try!