Let Us Prey v2 - B-com2 2nd place

Slowriffs 828

This is the second iteration of my run-based Leela deck. The core is mostly the same, our run based econ carries the game, and we use multiple cheap resources to accelerate our gameplan without being too big of a tempo hit, like PAD Tap and Beth. In the current Argus meta you just can't be installing an Earthrise in criminal. The tempo hit is so big you most likely won't recover before the game is over, we simply lack the burst economy for cards like that.

Some changes that I did:

  • No more RDI: It's too expensive and doesn't pull its weight, card is out.
  • Deuces Wild: This card does a little bit of everything you need. Some sorely needed draw acceleration, synergy with Aumakua, and the remove a tag is incredible in the Argus matchup.
  • Shrike: I needed a reliable sentry breaker than can deal with Archer. Na'not'k is not this card so it's out. Other options are Ika and Golden but I feel like Shrike is the best of them. Mongoose is nice too but the restriction can, and will, kill you at some point.
  • Prey: Sadly I had to go down to 1 copy of this card to fit the influence. That said the card is too niche to justify including two. But I still believe. Seriously, do not cut this card until you get to use it on Border Control. It does serious work.

Overal the deck performed really well for me again. I didn't lose any game on day 1 with it. On day two I lost two games, and won some (I don't really remember how many I had to play, somehow I had to play corp most of the time). I dropped the first game in the winners bracket final, losing to a great Argus start without any economy to work with. And then finally in the finals I managed to massively throw a game that I was definitely winning, tilting slightly, and then making game losing plays three turns in a row. The mental strain from playing two long Mti games before it definitely didn't help. Sadness, oh well. Congrats to my opponent for a well deserved first place!

Leela is the best, peace.

21 Jan 2019 ayyyliens

See oaktown, steal oaktown!

21 Jan 2019 Slowriffs

@ayyyliens :'(

23 Jan 2019 DonLoverGate

Do you think Oracle May could be worth including (for say, a Deuces?). Between the prevalence of Slot Machine, Hostage allowing you to tutor and Paragon triggers, I feel like this memetic card might actually be worth including.

24 Jan 2019 Slowriffs

@DonLoverGate I actually tried Oracle May in Leela for a while and it is indeed rather good. In the end I decided against it mostly for setup/slot reasons. Firstly if you want to run May, you need 3 Paragons, since May doesn't do much without them. Secondly it's not easy to find the inf for it. I would recommend highly against cutting a Deuces, they are very very good in the deck. I prefer to have most of my cards strong on their own, and May is probably too slow in an Argus meta.

2 Feb 2019 Longi

Hey @Slowriffs, have you done any further testing of theh deck? I am interested whether you would retrospectively still advocate Shrike over Nanotk.