Seeing Red

Elyctrik 2

This deck is the corp side of the recent 5-1 GNK Victoria, BC.

The deck was born from a quick NRDB search for Mti Mwekundu decks running Surveyor and News Hound. @LSK's Mti Deck nearly fit the bill for me in that regard. I believe this to be the best ID for glacier style play in the game right now.

News Hound is pretty gross right now due to currents being thrown around on both sides of the table right now and Surveyor is an DISGUSTING card for protecting a remote. As you add more and more ICE to your remote with Mti's ability is eventually makes Surveyor unbreakable.

One thing that I thing you need to realize about Mti Mwekundu's ability before playing is that it is a click compressing/facecheck punishing ID in the early game BUT, in the late game it is economy ID. If you use the ability to build a remote (Ideallly with 2x Surveyors in it) that is more than 3 ICE deep you are printing credits. My scoring remote at the end of all 3 of my games at the GNK was no less than 4 ICE (largest was 6 ICE) with only 2 ICE being installed in the traditional way. In the last case saving me 14 credits in install costs alone.

Round 1 vs Maxx - Win, Round 2 vs Hayley - Loss, Round 3 vs Maxx - Win