Maze Titan

5N00P1 626

This was my deck for the 1st Achievements tournament in Berlin and I really enjoyed it. I was hoping many people would look for the achievements so I can go fast and add some bad pub. Actually this deck accumulated the most bad pub during the tournament (3??)

It is based on Maze Titan from Euregio 2017 but I added Hard-Hitting News & BOOM! so the runner needs to be careful. This actually never worked out.

played 2 Hayley, 1 Adam & 1 Los, won against all but 1 Hayley which got 3 accesses all agendas.

19 Dec 2017 adquen

Something went wrong with this decklist. I see Braintrusts und Niseis in the agenda list, and I have the feeling that's slightly illegal ...

20 Dec 2017 5N00P1

this is true! I had some issues with building it and don't know what happened. Will raise a bug.