What is ICE?

lostgeek 1414

Who needs ICE when you have an ID ability to slow down the runner? This deck started out in jank town but quickly became deadly against runners, who don't understand your game plan fast enough.

It is build fully around the Dedication Ceremony + Reconstruction Contract combo and many cards are only there to support you drawing into it fast. You always have the option of installing Reconstruction Contract, installing an 3-adv agenda, playing Dedication Ceremony and scoring. The deck really takes of if you can never advance either an Project Atlas or keep a Reconstruction Contract on the table. This allows you to score Atlas with a token to start the train. Use Team Sponsorship to recur the Contracts and Preemptive Action to recur Dedication Ceremonies. If you aren't facing Edward Kim use Localized Product Line to get your Ceremonies quickly.

Ideal first turn is Moon + 2 installs. Doesn't matter if they are assets or agendas. Most of your assets are costing 3-4 to trash, so use them freely. If the runner trashes all of them, their econ probably can't support it. Keep drawing into your deck, install Illegal Arms Factory and go fast. If they give you bad pub use Mills to remove it. Once you find your combo, use it instantly. You'll be recurring it often enough.

Best feeling ever: 2x Dedication Ceremony into a triple advanced Atlas to draw your combo instantly.

I hope noone refines this deck to a point, where it actually gets good...

8 Jan 2018 scd

argus don't hurt me don't hurt me no more