Squirtle I Choose You (3-4 at Euros)

hemraa 178

Another variation on Cpt_nice's BLM Sunny list. Ice Carver was good in testing but didn't appear when I needed it on the day. Kati helped me stay in the game vs Blue Sun and Gamenet.

Wins against Argus (timed), Blue Sun and Gamenet.
Loses against Titan, Earth Station, Outfit and Asa.

Congratulation to Cpt_nice for doing so well with Sunny.

Big thanks to everyone at Nisei for running a great event, that despite a few technical issues felt pretty smooth to play in.

I also want to thank the Oxford testing crew and everyone in the Thameside discord who helped capture some of the banter and chat that you get from an in person event.

27 Jul 2020 Cliquil

Great deck name! :D

27 Jul 2020 Cpt_nice

I chuckled at the name, nice one.

I also like Ice Carver but it isn't quite worth the 3 influence probably