Starter Deck - Runner Intermediate (updated)

mykonian 57

21 Sep 2016 sunsinger

Much thanks to Oniya for making the original and mykonian for updating it for legal play!

21 Sep 2016 hutch9514

why both memchips and grimoire? Seems like overkill. Think you only need the grimoire

21 Sep 2016 mykonian

original deck by Oniya ran djinn's... and when updating it I substituted. I didn't wonder why, but I've realized it now: the core set only has one grimoire, so this won't be able to be made by sunsinger.

However, he does have a full playset of vigil's, which isn't a bad console to have, even without support, and it's better than waiting for the 1x grimoire probably, so that's a possible substitution.

Now I check it, same happened with Deja vu, that's a 2x in core. Groan :( A second stimhack wouldn't hurt in stead, I guess.

21 Sep 2016 mykonian

and scrubber is ASIS, but apparently slips through the filter. God, I made a mess out of this, I'm sorry :( Meaning there's no real card available to help you trash remotes, so maybe find another angle, possibly run bhagat to threaten HQ runs and force corp to protect that.

21 Sep 2016 sunsinger

I have a correction, I ordered a second Core.