Maxx with 17 too few cards (copy)

Cliquil 1214

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30 Aug 2019 lukifer

Cool build, I'll have to give it a spin. Been playing Big MaxX for a few years now, I'm pretty convinced that 80-90 is the correct range :)

How often do you manage to Same-Old-Apoc? Has Akshara ever backfired? Any reason for not adding a 3rd "hit the win button" Stargate?

2 Sep 2019 Cliquil

So the same old Apoc is largely a back up and largely only sits there because of the increased odds in a weird build like this that you'll want to Aoc but you're only one will be in the bin.

Akshara backfired once in a game because I misread here and i was very silly. Its really an attempt to deal with the ever present Gagarin in the UK but I think its probably too silly even for that.

I work currently on the principle that 70 is probably the optimal number being as it is 47 x 1.5 but I think I might be proven wrong.

Hello fellow big deck Maxx player; I must confess I am sinning this evening and taking one with Levy. I will probably be tempted back though! :D