Kelfecil 1806

This deck did 4/6 wins during French Nats (where I got 21st or something, and lost only to a Haarpsichord in the past 3 weeks during 3 GNKs. Nothing extraordinary, but just wanted to post it since it's been doing well against the current meta.

I basically thought about making this deck after I saw the 2016 UK Nats results. I was inspired by the winner's Kate deck, but since I did not want to leave Criminal, I just switched from Silhouette to Andromeda and went back to supplier for the extra gimmicky stuff.

Rabbit Hole - I've won more games than I can remember because of this. Thanks a ton Vikz. In most cases against NBN, you do not even have to install breakers.

New Angeles City Hall / Film Critic - Because right now you cannot win a tournament without those.

Supplier - I love the economy/click swing this provides you. It's weird and yet so effective when you play enough stuff to support it. It has a nice draw-speed with Hotel. However, there are times I feel this deck needs aggressive draw. The 9 card draw of Andromeda allows you to find something to start off good though. Plus, when you draw lots, you can just ditch stuff on the Supplier and keep up in tempo, even when you don't have too many creds.

Freedom Through Equality - It's an ok card. Don't get to use it all that much though. It's good for cancelling HB's annoying currents.

Deck plays ok for the current meta, but I am always switching stuff to keep up. Probably gonna keep playing it during the SC season until Silhouette becomes viable again (which I do not see happening anytime soon).

22 Nov 2016 umbralAeronaut

Hey look it's@Kelfecil!! I'm a big fan of your videos. What's your corporation these days? When can we expect the return of Netrunner on Teamworkcast?

Oh, I guess this is also a pretty nice deck you have here.

22 Nov 2016 Kelfecil

Hey @umbralAeronaut:)! Been out of it for a while due to work, so dunno when I will be back commentating on videos with Krystian again. Also, not being able to go to Worlds gets me depressed every year around this time.

I also just posted my corporation deck, which is still Nisei Division, but I've generally been trying out various things. Moved out of Scorch, played more the long game and practicing how to protect myself against DLR and Whizzard decks. My experience thus far has been good with the corp side, so getting better on the runner side and optimizing my runner deck seems more important right now.