Valen-SeaRuss - KoS and 4th overall, Manchester, UK SC

Tolaasin 722

A slightly worse version of @seamus's Val deck which got DOTW, dropping the Test Run for an additional Indexing (mainly, to annoy Seamus), and a Dirty Laundry for Bhagat - in retrospect a bad decision since I only installed it once, though it did get me 2 agendas in 3 mills. Went 3-0 in Swiss (wins against Palana Recon/Dedication shenanigans, SkorpCorp (opponent had a terrible mulligan, game over by turn 4), and another standard Palana build, then 2-1 in the cut, beating @callmedutch's Aginfusion Mason Bellamy deck, and @angedelo's Cybernetics Division Mushin Trap deck, before losing to @nemo's Asa build. All my opponents were awesome, tournament was super well run, and good craic. Mental note to self, if you're going to include Turntable, you might as well install it before running to steal Domestic Sleepers. Also Inject draws you 4 cards, not 5, and I've Had Worse gets you 3 cards, not 4, none of which you show to your opponent. Pro strats.