Temples NEH - Canton Games 2018 SC 1st Place

Conphas 578

This is the deck I took to the Canton Games SC. It is derived from the one I posted here. It went 3-1 in Swiss, beating Hayley, Maxx, and Wu. Lost to Adam.

The cut at this event was.... weird. I was 5th at the end of swiss, but one of the players in the cut had already won a SC so he dropped.

I went 2-0, defeating Maxx in the semis and then Adam via Concession in the finals. Basically we got kicked out of 3 locations and the other player was unwilling to continue. To be honest, I didn't want to try and find another location either, he was just able to bring himself to the decision faster than I was. Still. They deck did great and I won my first Store Championship!

Round 1, Hayley was on lock, but was trying to leverage long term economic advantage into the win. I was able to use a NGO Front to bait them into a surprise Tollbooth. I was on 4 credits, and they thought they could get in. Instead I was able to rez the tollbooth and set back their tempo. I was able to follow it up by rushing out behind it for the win.

Round 2, Maxx. I was able to go really fast this game, never advancing all 3 beales behind an enigma before Maxx found black orchestra. Then I just needed to setup 2 cali testings for a 4-2 or 15 minutes. I don't remember which it actually was but I was able to fast advance it for the win.

Round 3. Adam. I started with 2 agendas and no ice. I mulliganed in 3 agendas with no ice. theBigUnit3000 is a great Adam player and never relented. Lost 8-0. Once he trashed the Team Sponsorship I knew it was over.

Round 4. Wu. I was worried about this one. I knew I needed to sweep to make the cut. This particular deck was ridiculously rich. Fortunately I was able to bait runs into the remote, setting me up to be able to score.

Semifinals. Maxx. I'm honestly not sure how I won this one. I liked my chances going into it, but I spent the entire game with an active hacktivist. I dumped 15 credits into an archangel trace to force runner to pick up Maw, just so they would access 2 less cards on a deep data mining. to be fair, if she hit an agenda she would have won. I had a agenda sitting in the scoring remote that I couldn't advance until I found jeeves. Instead I found the last Beale and was able to FA it with Cali Testing for a hardfought win.

Finals. Um. yeah. We had to leave our 2nd venue. We started the game at a restaurant, but they asked us to leave as well. He conceded before I could decide too, and it ended there.

Conclusions: Fun Deck. I think I might want to change the ice suite a little. Pop-Up can either be a Macrophage or a Jua I think. I've decided lock isn't as bad a problem as I thought, because the deck can make a taxing remote that you force the runner to check every turn. Most agenda scores are never-advanced, not fast.