Temples NEH is Back! 3-0 GNK

Conphas 578

Took this deck to 3-0 at a very small GNK. My runner was Laramy Fisk who went 1-2.

It plays like the old Rube-Goldberg machine decks where you manipulated triggers and score multiple agendas in a turn. Agenda suite can be shuffled a bit in regards to the 1 pointers. I've gone between License Acquisition and the existing 15 Minutes/AR-ES. both are good. 15 Minutes is great for triggering Team Sponsorship to recover Calibration Testing, AR-Enhanced Security is great for protecting the assets a little bit, and slowing down the runner. They slow down to respect tag punishment even though there is none.

The big question came down to Estelle Moon vs Mumba Temple. I originally had Moon, but I was finding I was flooding myself or not getting much value. I switched to Mumba Temple and things started making sense again. There is a lot of things that need rezzing. The usual comparison is Moons nets 2 credits and 2 cards and 1 runner click. Mumba Temple nets 3 credits and 3 runner credits and 1 runner click. The longer a Temple sticks around, the more value it gets. Moons as a tipping point where you trash her yourself to prevent overdrawing. My play style prefers Temple, but if you want to play Moons go -1 Marilyn Campaign, -1 Architect. Fill those back in however you want.

This deck wins by spamming assets, going fast, and having a scoring remote that is just taxing enough. My remote is usually Tollbooth, Archangel, and Enigma or Wrap.

Round 1 was against a Los Deck that got out to 4 points very quickly. Los had the points but I was able to force some tough decisions and snowball some agenda scores into more agenda scores for the win.

Round 2 was good stuff Maxx. I was lucky that the 1st pass hit the Maws. It almost got all 3 Same Old Things, but Maxx found it in the bottom 3. Unfortunately the only breaker installed in the 1st pass was a Black Orchestra, which is a nightmare against Tollbooth and Archangel. Had a fun turn where I installed a new remote 15 minutes, drawing a Beale. scored the 15 minutes to trigger 2x Team Sponsorship and install the Beale and a Calibration testing in a server with 2 other Calibration Testings, rezzed them all and scored, bringing back 2 Calibration Testings.

Round 3 was against Val. I was fortunate that she couldnt find paperclip and I was able to rush out behind Wraparound and a Tollbooth. We had 4 turns where Val was drawing for breakers and I was drawing for agendas.

So yeah. Had a blast. Played like Temples NEH. Recommend giving it a try. And hope you don't see clot-lock.

19 Jan 2018 Conphas

And forgot to fix the cards. so reports as illegal.

19 Jan 2018 CodeMarvelous

YEAAAAAAA BOI. Temple Power!

22 Jan 2018 MrHuds0n

I love it.

22 Jan 2018 MrHuds0n

I love it.

31 Jan 2018 DMachineRunner

Looks great! What does Jeeves Model Bioroids do in the deck? Does it enable fast advance plays?

31 Jan 2018 DMachineRunner

Looks great! What does Jeeves Model Bioroids do in the deck? Does it enable any fast advance plays?

2 Feb 2018 tzeentchling

Deck's been doing work for me! Did end up swapping out the Pop-up Window for a single Sandburg, because sometimes the runner just lets you have a ton of money and it feels bad to have nothing to do with it. Also trying out changing the Hedge Fund for NGO Front, seems to be working well so far.

28 Feb 2018 CeeTee2001

DMachineRunner: It enables you to get an extra click when installing 3 cards on 3 clicks.