ctz 2346

Sunny had her wheaties before work, work, work, work, work. This deck goes fast.

18 Feb 2018 Aerosaucer

OK I find this one a bit hard to believe, please explain some of your choices. I'm on board with all the influence spend, but some of the other choices are just bizarre.

1) Does no one in your meta play Scarcity? You have zero currents. Unless those 2x Infiltration are supposed to be Interdiction? That would make a bit more sense... 2) Infiltration? There's got to be a better use of the card slot, even if your meta is 100% people IAA into an expensive remote every turn to make you guess NGO/Obo/Splicer. Again, Interdiction is actually pretty good for that exact situation while clearing Scarcity... 3) Why 3x SOT? You can't possibly need to recycle events that much. 4) Corporate Defector? There's got to be a better use for that slot. Seriously, how is CD + 2x Infiltration better than 3x Dirty Laundry?

Did RNG Key work out for you? I've heard mixed results.

Also, from my experience against Scarcity, I'd be inclined to turn both Mad Dashes into Peace in Our Time just for the extra security.

Hey, you won an SC with it, right? So I would be glad to be told how the deck would not be improved by subbing in the 4 currents like I described and then cutting 1x SOT, Corporate Defector, and RNG Key for 3x Dirty Laundry.

Thanks for sharing the deck!

21 Feb 2018 Sanjay

Oh wow, I just realized Sunny cares less than anyone about Mirāju as an Indexing counter given her ability to Nexus the ice on the second go around. That's fantastic.