Knights of the NGO - PGS store champs 2nd (3-3)

Bilby 3

This is the corp deck I took to the Portland Game Store store champs. It was my first tournament after playing the game seriously for about 6 weeks. For runner I played Turbo Bird, which is really what carried me as far as I got (went 4-2 overall on runner side).

This deck is just Knights of Mumbad with -2 Mumbad City Grid, -1 Snare! and +3 NGO Front because NGO seems uhhhhhhhh pretty good. I honestly don't know if those were the right cuts to make, but they were the cards that seemed to be doing the least work in my experience playing the deck. Taking out snare feels sacrilegious though.

Anyway, gameplan is pretty much the same as the original deck except you want to jam NGO into your scoring remote as soon as you draw it. Oftentimes they wont even run it because grail is intimidating, but if you do it on match point and they run you get a nigh guaranteed scoring window to close out the game.

Worst match by far was against Reina as almost all your money goes to rezzing ice as it is. Ended up being a slog to an eventual timed loss. But overall I'm beyond happy with the performance and most of the losses were exciting close games. With more experience under my belt I think I might have taken 1st. Congrats to my finals opponent Maxwell for a well deserved win and an amazing last game!

11 Feb 2018 BreakAway8

Aww man.. Scarcity is still legal in 2108? RIP resources.

11 Feb 2018 BreakAway8

Aww man.. Scarcity is still legal in 2108?? RIP resources.

5 Mar 2018 igrekk

Snare won me finals on that nationals(: