Asset • Rez: 0 • Trash: 1 • Influence: 0

NGO Front can be advanced.

trash,1 hosted advancement token: Gain 5credit.

trash,2 hosted advancement tokens: Gain 8credit.

"Who knew non-profits could be so profitable?"
Neutral • Emilio Rodriguez • Down the White Nile 39
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NGO Front
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This is one of those cards that seems innocuous but under the surface, is really, really, mean. Basically, this is Thomas Haas, but not terrible. The main purpose of this card is to bait runs and drag the runner through taxing/tagging/damaging servers only to come up empty handed. NGO Front serves this purpose very well.


Cheap: costs nothing to fire and no influence to include

Variable output: Some runners are wary of a 2 advanced trap, but almost all one advanced cards will be ran.

Profit: Unlike Thomas Haas, NGO Front actually makes money. This could help you bounce back from pricey ICE rezzes or other unforseen tricks the runner has

Screws up the math: Could serve as a "bank" of credits to surprise the runner after they think you are too poor to defend yourself


1 to trash, so the inclusion of NGO Front makes central servers weaker

Interdiction means your investment is lost after they run it

Overall, I think NGO Front will see a lot of play in Tagging or Glacier decks to encourage running and open scoring windows.

(Down the White Nile era)
It does seem like a great card. Hopefully you find it on your RD digs. —
A trap that gives money to the corp you say? Another trap that could easily have been Weyland's. —
I've been waiting a long time for this type of card to come. Now with this, the game opens up to play a range of more expensive ICE. This card along with Urban Renewal brings back actual Netrunner. —
Doesn't this card provide money that Tapwrm can not benefit from? —
If the runner pays to trash ngo front with 2 advancement tokens on it does the corp still get the 8 credits?? —
No. But if t —
No, but if NGO Front is installed with 2 adv tokens, the runner should never get a chance to access this. —