[Startup] No one can handle 6 brain damage

Longi 1645

brain damage

This is pretty regular startup run based Ken. To beat rush decks you have playset of Boomerangs, two Inside Jobs and 3 Mutual Favors to find the key breakers early. Late game should by sustainable thanks to Preapaid economy and Rezekis. Khusyuk is a suberb way to close out the game.

Two Buffer Drives were hate cards since the chances of me facing @Odol and @Matuszczak playing this beast were high enough. It saved my bacon in one game but could not help when I accessed Cerebral Overwriter with six counters in another. Well played Odol;)

The deck is definitely fun to play and Khusyuk is a really strong wincon. But the cards have to come in the right order which they sometimes do not :). Sometimes you are flooded with too many operations you cannot use, sometimes the VoicePADs or Rezekis show too late for the party. I still think reg Zahya is probably better choice, albeit boring.

Big thanks to Matusczak for organizing this, its good to see that the series keep going.

12 Feb 2022 ptc

Nice list! What would you change if you were to play it in standard?

12 Feb 2022 Longi

@ptc Hey, Diversion of funds comes to my mind from the top of my head. I would cut Jailbreak for it since Khusyuk is enough to close the game. But, honestly, I think in standart environment this deck would be to slow to fight PD. Also the matchup against CtM and Gagarin would be tricky.