Yet Another Comrades Val

Kikai 429

Standard Comrades Val: -1 J Mercs, +1 Datasucker.

Conspiracy breakers seem to have gotten a lot worse with White Nile, so datasucker is important. Possibly 2 x important. :shrug:.

Round 1 - mandatory cambridge face-off - Win

vs an IG list/pilot which had thrased me 3-0 earlier in the week. Really fun game, I wanted to win with a 2 agenda + Mad Dash score but ended up leaning hard on Film Critic

Played as tight as I could, clearing remotes here and there, and poking R&D every time that whampoa'd agendas became shuffled.

Round 2- ARES CtM - Lose

completely outplayed. My usual line is to leave the DBS on the table and clear all the econ, but I severely underestimated how much econ this CtM deck was packing.

They DBSd all the agendas, until they were in a position to win, and then they won. wp.

Round 3 - Jinja ASA - Lose

I overcommited on a stimhack remote run that should have been a mad dash remote run on click 3 (not click 4). Forgot that Ikawah was a card, finished the run with 20 odd credits but no clicks. Pretty mad at myself about that one because

a) we had been talking in the car ride to the tournament about how many people forget about Ikawah and

b) I had perfect information because of jinja grid, I just couldn't be bothered to do the maths.

Round 4 - Rush Skorpios - Win

Real fun game. Found a lot of redundant breakers - which is what you want against skorpios. Mad Dash a 5 card turning wheel run on R&D, then the corp Atlas tutored so I Indexing ftw.

Round 5 - Jinja ASA with Stinson and Economomic Warfare - Luck Sac Win

Kept the Corp poor by running everything - but they developed a very balanced board state (for Jinja) with 2 or 3 ICE on the remote, HQ and R&D. CVS did work against Turtle.

Indexing to see 2 agendas, which I carefully buried for a later Mad Dash. The corp responds with ultraviolent clearance - 1 agenda (vitruvius) goes into the remote, the other (CFC) is in HQ. Good to know. Vitruvius gets scored and I'm 4-0 down so I figure, okay let's mad dash a 3 card The Turning Wheel access on HQ to try and steal the CFC.

Card 1 - GFI (feels good)

Card 2 - GFI (wtf.)

Card 3 - The CFC that I was actually looking for

Better to be lucky than good.