TBB's Comrades Val (1st Swiss, 7th Worlds)

TheBigBoy 8931

This is my version of Team Comrades' Valencia. I took this deck to 1st in swiss and 7th overall at Worlds. The deck dropped only 1 game during the event, losing to Heinzel's AGInfusion very narrowly in the first round of the cut.

The other Comrades ran -1 Mad Dash +1 Knifed. In my testing I found I never played the knifed, but I think cutting it was a mistake. It's amazing against Ashigaru and Kakugo, both of which made a big showing at worlds. That said, the 2nd Mad dash helped me win 1 game and almost won me another (if I had hit an agenda on a 4 card R&D Turning Wheel), so I don't think I lost too much equity for this cut.

Nothing fancy here. Make money Anarch-Style. Set up if you don't have good runs, attack with Turning Wheel, Turtle, Indexing, Rebirth (Omar 90% of the time), and Mining Accident if they are vulnerable. Hacktivist clears Scarcity and helps against CtM and Tubs, Mercs keeps you alive against Brain Rewiring. Film Critic steals Obokatas and TFPs and makes Scorpios pretty trivial.

The deck defeated: Batty Scorpios, Hot Tubs Gagarin, UK ITD AGInfusion, Stinson Ashigaru CI, MCA CtM, and Comrades PU. It lost only to IP Block FC3 AGInfusion.

This deck is just good, honest Netrunner. I think it's a great runner to pick up if you want to work on your fundamentals and improve at the game.

Also it doesn't have a Console, especially not stupid Maw.


8 Nov 2017 FightingWalloon

You note your only loss was to an FC3/IP Block AgInfusion. My experience is that the Conspiracy Breakers are terrible vs. ice such as FC3, Ichi, and Tracker. In a meta with more of that kind of ice, do you think this deck gets significantly weaker?

8 Nov 2017 Tolaasin

What was your line against Comrades PU? I guess 50 cards helps ...

8 Nov 2017 TheBigBoy

@FightingWalloonFC3 is a huge weakness. I don't have a good answer for you except that we thought shapers would wipe out the FC3 players.

@Tolaasinlol. I asked Josh and he said "do anything". That's basically correct. Play your breakers when you draw them, try not to run early. Turn into the dude. Play the lady. Single access into 5/3s til you win.

27 Nov 2017 beaushinkle

What's the general line against MCA FC3 CI? Do you rush to try to find black orchestra and enough money to get get in and trash before they pop it? Or do you just ignore it and try to get into centrals?

What do you mulligan for in that matchup?

13 Dec 2017 meta4

I'm kind of late, but what about datasucker? It seems like you're probably running centrals a lot, and it seems like it would help offset the issues with your breakers. Is MU the problem?