Wubicon - Undefeated Colorado SC - 2nd Place

mathandlove 422

The best LOS deck you'll ever play. Friends challenged me to make an Au Revoir deck for the store championships and this deck delivered. There were over 5 Wu's present (I think) and this one surfaced to the top. It beat both CI decks pretty handedly - Rubicon Switch delivers!

When everything is set up, you spend 3 clicks running a server gaining 9 credits. If they rez anything expensive, you derez it and tell them to consider their life choices. (Don't run on last click because you can't rubicon)

Cards of note: Cold Read and Stimhack - Your ideal opening hand is a Stimhack and a Clone Chip. Wu for 2 SMC's and install CC. Stimhack on your last click grabbing all 3 Au Revoirs and jacking out. 3 Au Revoirs and 8 credits - not a bad start.

You want these Au Revoires early because your opponent usually has about 3 -4 turns of getting all the ice on centrals up. Until that happens you are spending most of your clicks to gain credits - you want to be over 30 credits before you start playing other games.

Earthrise Hotel? Every click is worth 3 credits, you don't have time for drawing cards! Earthrise takes care of this for you. Daredevil even more.

Clone Chip - you get into these weird states where nothing is rezzed and you want to keep running as the corp can't can't rez EVERYTHING. At this moment you want to be able to clone chip an SMC just in case you hit that rototurret, etc.

Ankusa - couldn't ask for a better way to nullify a third of their ice as they try to plug their holes. And then you can just jack out and gain some sweet credits anyways.

Out of the Ashes - People on the stream were shocked to see this one. Remember how I told you those clicks were precious. Out of the Ashes respects that. You discard this card and you now get 3 credits and 2 card draw (Daredevil) and one Turning Wheel Counter for free before your turn begins. You got nothing Aespo's. I tend to just hold all the Ashes in archives until a hole in servers merges then let them loose!

Tinkering- You eventually want to get them into a Rubicon lock where they rez things and then those things quickly become unrezzed. But there may be some rezzed things before you can do that. Tinkering + Anakusa to the rescue - Good bye Fairchild 3.0, Rubicon looks forward to seeing you get rezzed again (they're not going to).

This deck is fun to play and it has a whole bunch of pushes and pulls with economy which makes it quite interactive. Give Wu a spin!

28 Feb 2018 jaiza

Nice deck but if you find yourself vs a remove from the game effect like skorpios or ark lockdown your not locked out of any server that has something you cant derez? um...ok just the tinkering thing. but a little bit dangerous dont you think?.

28 Feb 2018 mathandlove

As strange as it is, Deck Slots are tight in this deck. If you fear Skorpios at all I would suggest 2 of every breaker - probably take out - Cold Read/Modded/Out of the ashes.

Ark Lockdown is not as much of a bid deal unless they hit all 3 of your SMC's. Which can be played around pretty easily.

I didn't plan on facing much Skorp in Colorado so I went with the - I'll just die to skorp plan. Ironically 1st place was Skorp - so maybe I shouldn't have.

I once brain damaged NaNotK and he Ark Lockdwoned it. I spent the rest of the game getting turning wheel counters (Rubiconing if things got spicy). It was fun because if he ever tried to score behind a sentry I was ready with two tinkerings in hand.

None the less Jaiza, in hindsight I would definitely add a second copy of every breaker in the next build!

28 Feb 2018 BizTheDad

Would Cold Read trash Au Revoir?

28 Feb 2018 mathandlove

I read thoroughly into it and no. "Using" something involves you making a choice and Au Revoir does not give you a choice. Weird as that is.

28 Feb 2018 Lothos

Fun deck, thanks! Though I'm thinking..."You discard [OotA] and you now get 3 credits and 2 card draw (Daredevil) and one Turning Wheel Counter for free before your turn begins. " -- sounds rad, but that only works on a double iced server and don't you have to encounter/pass the first piece of ice before you can jack out? Seems like unless you know the corp can't afford to rez you can't count on making money off a run like this.

28 Feb 2018 mathandlove

Lothos - that's what I originally thought too. But in almost every match I had, that exact experience of my free card draw engine happened. With Rubicon out, there's a huge incentive not to rez, strangely enough. Do they really want to spend 8 on that DNA Tracker only for you to then rubicon immediately (a super account siphon)? It's expensive on your end, but that's why you don't start messing with the corp until about 30 credits.

One game I was playing against CI, CI put a 2nd ice in front of HQ and a friend and I snickered as now he was basically giving me 2 free card draws a turn for the rest of the game.

It may actually be the case (and don't tell this to anyone) that against this deck you should never put two ice on centrals.

28 Feb 2018 Johnny Polite

So how does this deck do if your opponent just ices every server by turn 2?

28 Feb 2018 mathandlove

Johnny Polite: Luckily I didn't have to ever face that issue, but I imagine that would be bad. -Most people made a remote server on turn one which I loved. -Corps don't have enough money to rez all 3 servers on Turn 2. -One of those servers tend to be a barrier which Ankusa can take care of.

I played against a CI deck with a TON of ice and did exactly that (Maybe turn 3 or 4). I ran all 3 of there servers and got them down to like 2 credits where they then had to ditch all of their cards. As sad as it was, we both spent a few turns just clicking for credits then until I could afford to Rubicon anything he rezzed.

But yes, you are correct playing against a glacier deck with cheap ice is bad for this deck.

1 Mar 2018 EnderA

Would you consider 1x Atman both for efficiency's sake (Fairchild 3 for 3 credits) and any utility it might offer?

If you don't have Clone Chip in hand to start, do you simply start with 2 Au Revoirs instead?

1 Mar 2018 gegenzeit

I dont get how you get the 3rd Au Revoir.

Click 1: SMC Click 2: SMC Click 3: Clone Chip Click 4: Stimhack and pop both SMCs.

I guess you want to use CC to reuse one of the SMCs? But the trash on SMC is a cost, would not using CC prevent the Au Revoir install as well? Same reason you can not double use faery with Clone Chip or prevent the Obokata damage with FF and still steal Obokata. Am I missing something?

1 Mar 2018 gegenzeit

ok...messed up clone chip and sacrificial construct... playi g too much tapwrm lately ... facepalm

1 Mar 2018 mathandlove

``@EnderA`Atman may be interesting all be it expensive- 10 credits to play at strength 6 :-(. But try it and let me know! I used to run inversificator instead of clone chip and that was very good against Fairchild’s.

Many games you start out with two aurevoirs. Just hope there’s not an early hhn!

1 Mar 2018 EnderA

Four other possible includes are Egret (a worse Tinkering that you can fetch with Wu and recur with Clone Chip if you force it trashed somehow), Misdirection (which can save your life even if you just use it once, and can fetch with Wu), Citadel Sanctuary (which is nuts when you have a credit advantage and a link), and Scavenge (to help with setup speed.)

Oh, also Marathon is completely nuts here vs asset Spam, although I don't know that you need it since the matchup should already be favorable. But hey, if it ever becomes a problem it's a silver bullet that can single-handedly win you the game.

2 Mar 2018 EnderA

(Although Marathon requires the run to be successful, so it's simply a click efficient way to clear remotes.)

2 Mar 2018 vor_lord

I claim the dubious title of being the first to lose to this deck in a tournament. And likely the only person to claim beforehand that I tried and couldn't make Au Revoir work out of Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker.

5 Mar 2018 saracenus

@mathandlove thank you for the deck. I was able to take this to a 3rd place finish in Portland, Oregon 3/4/18. I dropped my first game due to some initial play errors (it was my first time playing the deck). After that I settled into a groove and hammered my opponents with it until my friends Argus deck knocked me out in the cut... It was a blast to play.

15 Mar 2018 LSK

What, no Clot?

15 Mar 2018 mathandlove

LSK - I originally put it in there, then remembered no one in Colorado is playing FA at the moment. But if people are clot starts looking pretty sweet! But would you take out two stimhacks for a clot? That's a rough choice.

16 Mar 2018 LSK

The swaps I have in mind:

-1 Rubicon Switch -1 Cold Read -1 Out of the Ashes -1 Gordian Blade

+1 Stimhack +1 Clot +1 Takobi (for Ankusa synergy) +1 Study Guide

20 Mar 2018 rwknoll

If you derez a piece of ice with Rubicon or use Ankusa to uninstall a piece of ice, and Egret is installed on that ice, does that trash Egret? If so, that would be an easy way to tutor for Egret and then make sure it is trashed before the turn ends so you can recur it with Clone Chip. That might also give you a longer-term out against Mythic ice without needing an AI.