NANPC Toronto A-Triea 3rd place

sruman 132


Although I went into the tournament convinced that my A-Triea would end the day with a 50% win rate at best I was intruiged by the deck and wanted to play it. As usual, my win rate predictions were wildly out of wack (at least in the right direction this time). The deck when undefeated on the day -- 6 wins across swiss and the cut. Two of the wins were at time though since the deck itself is inherently on the slow side plus it forces a lot of hard decisions on runners so in the mid-to-late game they going into the tank quite a bit.

Potential Changes

From the results I probably should change little but I am still in the experimentation mode with the deck and I do think there improvements that can be made. Volvo was underwhelming so he'll like get cut for influence to include a holo man. I will also try to find space for another Adrien (possibly 2). These are both good cards on their own but the ability to move servers is a huge benefit in A-triea. You usually want a light-to-medium defended econ server and heavily defended scoring server so it makes getting cards into the right server while getting the most out of A-triea's ability very tricky. One thing I know for sure is that Charlotte will never, ever leave this deck. That's one crazy card for glacier decks and it's just downright gross sitting on a Lacosta.